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We help our business partners keep up with the times with the help of advanced IT technologies. We implement the most complex projects, ensuring problem-free operation of the IT infrastructure.

What do we offer?

MadCats can create a project from scratch, as well as breathe life into old projects that are technically outdated and require migration.

Software Development

Software Development

We will help you create a high-quality Internet project using modern technologies for a reasonable price. From a small website to a complex Internet service: we create native apps for iOS and Android, PWA applications, and universal Flutter applications. We run design sprints and provide external supervision of the development.

Website development
Hardware Development


We will help you choose the hardware for your tasks by setting it up, starting it up, and, if necessary, providing its ongoing administration. We can design and build a network of thousands of devices of any complexity and topology. We can help you with the office infrastructure - install cameras, configure access, route VPN to the clouds and solve other significant problems. And we also have an emergency team that will come to your aid 24/7.



We can help you design and build a modern data center. We have ready-made solutions for micro data centers, mobile data centers, and high-load mobile data centers. All our mobile solutions are Arctic-class and can operate in Estonia, as well as in other Nordic and American countries.

Why MadCats?

Our completed projects speak best of our work. First, however, a few things must be said about the principles we base our work on, which have helped our clients more than once.

More about madcats
No reinventing the wheel
There are a lot of businesses in the world with similar problems. In many cases, it is cheaper and easier to use a ready-made solution, which can be quickly adapted to our client's needs.
Speed first
There's nothing worse than a slow website or slow hardware. Slow speed is like a personal challenge.
Reliable solutions are more important than simple ones
In IT, just like in any other aspect of human life, there is often a temptation to use a simple solution if it works. Our experience shows that investing more time and doing things properly is the best approach.
Don't forget the human factor
In our practice, we have repeatedly faced the fact that a single human error had fatal consequences for the entire project. That is why backups, more backups, and even more backups are needed for software projects. For hardware projects — backup of critical infrastructure and foolproof protection.

How to get started?

No matter how large or complex your project is, you have to start somewhere
Here are a few easy steps:

Contact us however you prefer
Telegram, email, +372 5240 181 phone, or meet us at our office
Discuss the details
How many people will be involved in the project, how much time would it take, and other details
Sign a contract
Standard contract, no pitfalls. You can find the template here
We constantly keep in touch
We constantly keep in touch
We deliver the project
Balloons, champagne, all that stuff

Our main task is to provide our partners with a full range of IT services. From a web page to a functioning data center. We do not divide projects into large or small — each of them is a challenge we are ready to accept.

Pavel Ivanov
MadCats CEO
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Of course!
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